10 Days To Better Jiu Jitsu: Day 10

28 Nov

FINALLY! The day you’ve all been waiting for is finally here! Of course I saved the best for last, why wouldn’t I? If you haven’t noticed by now, this final and prestigious tip thus far, does not have a bold title like the rest of them. That’s because I want to ensure that you read this through and through, not just seeing the title and saying “I already know that.” Of course you already know that! That’s why you’re the best in the world right? All jokes aside, if you incorporate every other tip along these last 10 days with this final step, you’re destined for greatness!

What separates a white belt and a black belt, is simply mat time. But the most important thing to be doing through all of that mat time is “Drilling For Success.” Let me guess, you already knew that right? Everyone knows that but most aren’t willing to dedicate that much time into just one thing. It seems very tedious, and boring, and to a certain extent i’d have to agree. But it doesn’t have to be. There are many ways to change the way you do a rep. For example, a guillotine, you can drill various ways and the same goes for other moves as well. Lets break it down…

1. Guillotine from full guard                        6. Darce to guillotine
2. Guillotine from standing                         7. No arm guillotine
3. Guillotine from butterfly guard              8. Arm in guillotine
4. Guillotine from top half guard               9. Guillotine from hip bump sweep
5. Guillotine from mount                           10. Flying guillotine

Imagine doing this with every technique! The amount of reps you could put in are ridiculously unbelievable! If you do each of these 100 times, you just did 1000 guillotines, and not even realizing it because they’re all from different positions. Using your mat time wisely in this sense aside from sparring, because sparring is also important, will shorten the amount of mat time it takes to get to the next level. All the top champions drill like crazy and incorporate the steps I’ve listed over the past 10 days in their games, so why wouldn’t you? Some of these are things I’ve learned being a heavy competitor, but most were passed to me from other grappling gurus. I’m very happy to say that 10th Planet Van Nuys now has an official drilling class! Can’t wait to see all the leaps and bounds these guys make. I hope that these tips have helped you in some way or another. Thanks for reading :]

One Response to “10 Days To Better Jiu Jitsu: Day 10”

  1. RBradfordJiuJitsu at 8:12 am #

    Can’t agree more. The more you drill the better you get. Repeating reps is one of the best ways to truly start to understand the small details in each move. I’m super excited about the drilling class!

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