10 Days To Better Jiu Jitsu: Day 8

26 Nov


We’re coming down to the wire on the top 10 list and these last few tips are the most important to further complete your jiu jitsu game! Now this one may seem like the most obvious but surprisingly not many people will attribute to this unless asked to share their tricks. As we all know, when guys first start out in jiu jitsu, most of them are shy and timid because its a new environment and new sport to be surrounded by. So they’re a little nervous about asking a higher belt to show them their techniques. Even if you’re a higher belt! It’s still nerve racking to ask a black belt who isn’t your instructor to show you their “go to” moves. If not, then ask as many questions as you want! DON’T WAIT to be asked about one of your moves, especially if you just hit that move on a person in sparring, show them immediately! If you know the counter to it, show them the counter. This will do 3 things for you…….  1. This will make your “go to” move an even stronger part of your game. With your team mates all doing the right thing to defend, you’re increasing the intensity of your reps, which makes each successful live rep worth 10 stationary reps! 2. Just as it helps you, it will help your team put in reps on the defense side of things against someone who is really good at the offense. 3. Lastly, you will begin to develop counters to the counters, so now you’ll have an option A and option B. This makes for a very dangerous jiu jitsu player. Overall this is a huge thing to add to your game that will make it jump to another level. At first it may be frustrating, not being able to hit the moves you’re best at as easily anymore, but it will definitely be for the best. Try it for yourself!






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